The Maria Nathanson Center of Excellence is a state-of-the art facility for the treatment of patients with Gastrointestinal and Pulmonary Disease. “This Center is distinguished because it combines multiple specialties,” says Dr. Ron Pruitt, Medical Director of the Maria Nathanson Center of Excellence. “There is an amazing potential for synergy among these specialties now working together to meet common needs in patient care, education and research.”

The successful management of patient care is due to the Center’s unrivaled focus on patient education, a component often lacking in many hospital environments. The Center’s educational programs include live videoconferencing for healthcare professionals.

“The world will be able to tap into our work,” says Dr. Pruitt. “Viewing or reading about procedures on the server will appeal to a patient living in Kentucky who can now learn from home, a medical device company in California that can improve their products and a doctor in Hong Kong who may need to brush up on a technique and gain more experience.”

Dr. Ron Pruitt sees patients at the Maria Nathanson Center of Excellence located near his practice office on the campus of Saint Thomas West Hospital. For more information and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Pruitt, please call 615.383.0165.



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