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 Bob Pratico
Bob PraticoBob Pratico is a ballroom dancer, and letting hip pain keep him off the dance floor was not an option. Traditional pain medicine wasn't working, so Bob turned to Dr. Kurtz at Saint Thomas for a total hip replacement. Now he's back practicing for a world championship!  Read more of Bob's story at: nothingshallbeimpossible.com

 Paul Caruthers
Paul Caruthers, Martial Aritst with and Double Hip Replacement37-year-old martial artist Paul Caruthers' doctor told him he had the hip joints of a 70-year-old man. Paul wasn't ready to kick his passion so he got a double hip replacement.  Read more of Paul's story at: nothingshallbeimpossible.com

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The hip can be damaged by fracture, arthritis or other conditions, limiting the ability to walk or bend and causing pain and stiffness. Hip replacement surgery can help dramatically reduce hip pain and significantly improve stability and the ability to perform the everyday activities of daily life.

Hip replacement is one of the most important surgical advances of the last century, and one of the first hip replacements in the region was performed at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in February 1969. Improvements in techniques and technology have greatly improved total hip replacement surgery. The ball and socket are replaced with a man-made surface, such as metal or plastic, to provide a smooth and painless range of motion.

New techniques, such as hip replacement using a minimally invasive superior approach to the joint, are available from Saint Thomas Health. Hip resurfacing may be suitable for some patients, and unlike traditional total hip replacement, the entire ball (head) of the hip is not replaced. Hip resurfacing may be a better choice for younger patients because the procedure requires less bone removal, which can make it easier to perform a total hip replacement if needed later.

Hip Resurfacing

When hip resurfacing or total hip replacement surgery is deemed necessary, joint replacement specialists at the Saint Thomas Joint Replacement Institute utilize the latest in image guided hip resurfacing and hip replacement assistance technology.

Kolibri®, a "global positioning system for the body," allows surgeons to visualize and track the position of their surgical instruments intraoperatively via a touch-screen interface. The system allows the surgeon to position implants and instruments using a scan of the patient’s pelvis. This system is a significant advancement over other surgical navigation systems which use a computer generated model of the pelvis instead of the patient’s actual anatomy.

As a surgeon operates, a screen shows the precise position of the instruments. Most importantly, the surgeon can use this information to more precisely position instruments and implants for a more reproducible surgery and longer lasting hip replacements.

Please know that treatment options may vary. It is the discretion of the surgeon and patient as to which surgical method is most appropriate to reach the optimal outcome. Call 615.284.BONE(2663) to schedule an appointment with a joint replacement surgeon who will discuss your treatment options.

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