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Learn more about the Saint Thomas Health UNITY SYSTEM for treating Brain and Spine Tumors.

Brain and spine tumors affect people of all ages, genders and ethnicities. There are several different forms of the disease - and many times, the cause is completely unknown. Due to the diversity of cases, it is important that each patient is treated in their own unique way.      
The Brain and Spine Tumor Center, located at Saint Thomas West Hospital, is nationally recognized as a primary center for the treatment of brain tumors and offers a comprehensive team of professionals, expert skills, and the most advanced technology possible.

Our Team

Together, our team offers hope for patients, their families and community by providing trained, dedicated personnel. Key highlights from our team include:
  • Our multidisciplinary brain and spine tumor board, which includes neurosurgeons, radiologists, oncologists, pathologists and other care providers, who meet weekly to collaborate, develop and coordinate the best individualized treatment plan possible for our patients.
  • Our neurosurgeons perform hundreds of brain surgeries annually and utilize the latest advancements in technology, ultimately allowing for better patient outcomes.
  • Our radiation oncologists offer very specialized forms of radiation therapy, including our Novalis BrainLAB stereotactic radiosurgery program, the first in Tennessee.
  • Our pathologists see many brain tumors and work collaboratively with other major centers, such as Johns Hopkins Department of Neuropathology, to analyze each tumor. Tissue analysis for brain and spine tumors is the most important step in determining the individualized treatment plan for each patient.
  • Our oncology specialists from the Dan Rudy Cancer Center and Sarah Cannon Cancer Center are up-to-date with the latest advancements in brain tumor treatment.


The efforts of the Saint Thomas West Hospital radiation oncology department since the establishment of the Dan Rudy Cancer Center in 1981 has been to provide advanced radiation therapy within a multi-modality framework in an environment directed toward the care of each individual patient. In coordination with our team of neurosurgeons and Saint Thomas Health's broad network, patients have access the most advanced and convenient treatment close to home.

Our advanced technologies are distinct to the treatment of patients with brain and spine tumors - including:
  • BrainLab's guided frameless stereotactic navigation system, which replaces the standard, rigid CT scan. Saint Thomas West Hospital is a pioneer and the first in the Mid- South to provide this advanced level of navigational guidance.
  • Novalis BrainLAB stereotactic radiosurgery program, the first in Tennessee, which helps deliver therapeutic radiation with unparalleled pinpoint accuracy for optimal results.
  • The BrainLab Vector Vision navigation system, which uses images and cameras to help guide the surgical procedure and allows the neurosurgeon to reference his surgical plan and identify exact anatomical locations during the procedure.
  • A Brilliance large bore CT simulator, installed in 2010, which allows for quicker more efficient treatment planning for radiation therapy patients.
  • A new generation of linear accelerator, Varian Truebeam STX, which will be added in 2011.

Patients at Saint Thomas West Hospital also have access to national research studies through affiliations with the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG - a National Cancer Institute funded research effort) and through its affiliation with Tennessee Oncology.

For more information about the Brain & Spine Tumor Center, contact us at 1-855-74-UNITY (86489).

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